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headphones on: world off

aural remedies
by dicky | coop | mini | flicka | roooski | a-baby

artist | birdy
track name | skinny love (fareoh remix)


way back in 2012 when birdy dropped her outstanding cover of bon iver’s “skinny love" the whole internet basically went bananas for it (and rightfully so). and though i am purist when it comes to mr. vernon and birdy, this fareoh remix is great. fareoh picks up the tempo and leaves birdy’s vocals completely unaltered only really adding the electro features after the chorus.


artist | sailors
track name | feels so good


i’ve been digging this tune HARD. it’s a little chill, a little r&b, a little electronic…it just feels, just feels so, just. feels. so. good. steady percussion. simple vocals. clean synths.


artist | james vicent mcmorrow
track name | higher love (matomoa remix)


i love james vincent mcmorrow’s cover of “higher love” and i am huge fan of  the work matomoa has been putting out so this remix is a perfect match for my ear buds.


artist | astronomyy
track name | nothin on my mind [bearson remix]


astronomyy is a swooner out of the uk. this song has r&b in its soul, but bearson has put a little summer spin on it for the last few weeks of sun, sand and fun. it’s refreshing.


artist | the knocks
track name | classic (rac remix)


two heavyweights in the remix game collide for a nice uptempo, fun, electro jam to soothe your sundays. rac takes the knocks’ original and put their signature stamp on it with some crisp piano, synth and guitar additions.


artist | daniela andrade
track name | crazy


i remember when, i remember when, i remember when i lost my mind.  there was something so pleasant about that place.  leaving your emotions to echo into so much space.

the only thing i really have to say about this cover of gnarls barkley’s crazy by daniela andrade is fuck yes.  beautiful, unique and so wonderfully executed.  play this one.


artist | boyce avenue feat. fifth harmony
track name | when i was your man


right as I was about to write off 5th harmony as another 5-minutes of fame, bubblegum girl group, they completely blow my socks off with their vocals on this collaboration and cover with boynce avenue. power female vocals feed. my. soul.


artist | jon bellion
track name | munny right


so dicky has been on top of this guy for a while. one here, another here. now we got a cool jam for the new age. i don’t really wanna write too much, just press play and trust me.


artist | lenno
track name | wake up (feat. the electric sons)


you know its a good day when nineteen year old finn producer lenno drops new music. his track “wake up” features the amazing vocals of the electric sons and is filled with big synths, some major pop and a killer breakdown during the chorus. though he has been releasing a steady steam of remixes over the last couple of months, lenno’s original stuff has always been my favorite


artist | the aston shuffle feat. elizabeth rose
track name | back & forth [nora en pure remix]


it’s hard for me to put my finger on why i like this one. from the beginning, i dig the vocals, and it has a nice thump that draws you in. then i start to notice the piano, and then elizabeth rose’s vocals start to pick up a bit. next, i’m just getting lost in the deep house funk that is nora en pure and the aston shuffle. so sweet.


artist | fences
track name | arrows (feat. macklemore & ryan lewis)


fences team up with their seattle brothers macklemore & ryan lewis for their latest release “arrows”. built around a chill steady beat this song hooks the listener from the first few chords. mackelmore’s two verses in the second half of the song are sick and are a true testament as to why he blew up. 


artist | young wonder
track name | to you


i can’t decide if i love or hate this song, so i’ll let you decide on your own.  the beat and track music is gorgeous and on point, i think i just the vocals leave a little to be desired.  anyway, solid effort and definitely worth checking out.


artist | nico & vine
track name | am i wrong (gryffin remix)


after last months amazing remix of whitney houston its no surprise that i am posting another gryffin remix, this time as he tackles the top 40 hit “am i wrong” by nico & vinz. unlike the original, gryffin reworks the beat by removing all that pop and instead layers in a chill, deep house beat that is perfect for these last few weeks by the pool.


artist | priory
track name | weekend


hell yeah i just got paid, time to get this started

i love stumbling on a new band. if this recent single is any indication of what to expect, then mark me down as a follower. also how can you not love a song about drudging through the week just to make it to friday night. so raise a shot, toast to ‘fuck work’ and relax…it’s the weekend.


artist | twoloud
track name | i’m alive


twoloud dropping a huge track called “i’m alive”. set with some tweaked  vocals, big builds up and  massive drops, this song has a few elements of some of the bigger names in the game like skrillex, showtek and martin garrix. now i know those names are monsters in the edm world, but “i’m alive” is a big time track that should be making its rounds as festival season carries on.