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headphones on: world off

aural remedies
by dicky | coop | mini | flicka | roooski | a-baby

artist | nora en pure
track name | true [lexer remix]


this. track. bumps. nora en pure’s true [original mix] is soooo fresh with that chunky bass line, but lexer pulls a couple of punches with his remix. tweaked vocals, a bigger nu disco bass line, and a few other surprises will surely have you turning the volume up a few notches. it’s dope.


not to say that the entire year up to now was not packed with amazing music, but hot damn we crushed september. i think we had a record high for nomination as all thirty songs could easily have made this list. but after a few choice words were spoken, level heads prevailed and we ended up with what easily could be my favorite best of so far. from the smooth flow of chet faker and sam sure to the talented electro work of matoma, mike mago and vario volinski this list has it all.


chet faker x wknd - lover
vario volinski - i will do anything
sam sure - hunger
truls - the next (matoma remix)
mike mago - outlines (feat. dragonette)

artist | pierce fulton
track name | kuaga


about a month ago, pierce fulton dropped “kuaga” and i have been jamming out to this track ever since. pierce fulton creates a killer progressive track that has every element of music i love: killer complementary vocals, great builds and moments of down tempo.

kuaga is the swahili word for farewell, so as we say goodbye to september, hit play and float away


artist | chet faker x wknd
track name | lover


been jamming to this all weekend. chet faker and wknd tag team this bouncy tropical tune, no idea how to even classify this one. a bit of house, a bit of alt, a lot of vibes, and that voice…if i had that voice my life would have turned out much differently.


artist | ryn weaver
track name | octahate


back in august a-baby dropped the jane doze flip of ryn weaver’s “octahate” and though i enjoyed the remix, i can not get enough of the original. ryn’s vocals are something special and everyone should be keeping an eye out for more of her stuff.


artist | fergie
track name | glamorous (matt dimona remix)


fergie getting the tropical treatment by matt dimona and getting even more glamorous.


artist | mattafix
track name | big city life (leex remix)


everyone should know this song, but here’s a nice remix that takes it to a little more relaxed island feel. unfortunately it’s no jazz flute, but don’t be picky


p.s. - two posts today for all of you since i’m late for yesterday

artist | odessa
track name | say my name [max liese remix]


this is a killer grooved-out bump to the original. and in breaking news, our boy RAC just released his smooth mix for this track as well. steady thump. chopped up vocals. sure to set off the weekend vibes.


artist | jack Ü
track name | take Ü there (feat. kiesza)


the masses have been chomping at the bit waiting for an official release ever since diplo and skrillex announced they were creating the mega group jack Ü. finally after months of live shows and little sneak peaks, two of the biggest names in the game dropped “take Ü there” which features the amazing vocals of kiesza (see more here). this track seems to really encompass both artists wide range of talents while also creating a whole new level of awesome. 

the drop at the 0:48 second mark is bananas.


artist | beat connection
track name | another go round


it may be fall in new york city, but the weather is still ripe for a funky summer jam. beat connection coming in hot with warm vibes and plucky guitar, don’t sleep on this one.


artist | goldroom
track name | till sunrise (feat. mammals)


its been a while since we have posted anything from goldroom and frankly that is crime in itself. the la producer teams up with the australian alternative group mammals for his latest release “till sunrise”. this track features a more down-tempo beat that works perfectly with the airy vocals. another track that fits in perfectly with this change of seasons.


artist | brandy
track name | right here (samuel remix)


when your trapped and there’s just no key, and you can’t breathe, i breathe for you

uk producer samuel works his magic on the classic brandy single “right here”. the overall vibe of this song is off the charts and will hook you right away.


artist | parker & hanson
track name | gravity (jason ross remix)


i have been hitting the trance/progressive tracks a lot lately and jason ross’s remix of parker & hanson’s “gravity” is another glowing example of why this genre is my favorite. ross reworks the fully trance original and gives it a little more ‘umph while still being true to its creators. his change of pace during the chorus is especially awesome.


artist | myon & shane 54
track name | summer of love (feat. kyler england)


it appears summer may have finally left us until next year, but with myon & shane 54’s “summer love” you can relive those frisky hot nights with that summer fling. as usual myon & shane 54 build a powerful beat which walks that line between progressive house and trance while perfectly incorporating the vocals of kyler england


artist | tender games
track name | lost


a side project by two berlin artists turned magic. tender games is a mellow, deep house funkxplosion between marlon hoffstadt and vocalist/producer hrrsn. the falsetto, the synths, the light percussion - it’s just sexy.