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aural remedies
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artist | imogen heap vs. audien
track name | hide & seek (white panda edit)


the white panda have been on a release frenzy this past week, giving away one song a day to help build your summer pool party playlists (say that 5x fast, i bet you can’t). for their last release of the week they dropped this banger, mixing one of my favorite producers audien and his hugely successful remix of bastille’s “pompeii” with everyone’s favorite track from the oc: imogen heaps “hide &seek”. 


artist | felix jaehn
track name | ain’t nobody (ft. jasmine thompson)


i’m almost speechless…this tune could not be more fun. is that a xylophone? and i know some people hate making comparisons at the risk of not appreciating the individual effort, but this girl does sound like ellie goulding. and if that’s not a compliment, then get your ears checked, but this whole song should get some praise and some plays over the next few months. you gotta give credit to the people who can take such a distinctive, timeless classic and figure out a way to produce something different, yet refreshing


artist | odesza
track name | memories that you call (feat. monsoonsiren)


when i first heard odesza i thought they had the potential to be more than a one trick pony like so many djs/producers out there right now and holy shit was i right. time and time again these guys just release awesome tracks. “memories that you call” is their first single of there upcoming album titled in return. be on the look out for more singles before the full release in early september.


artisit | whitney houston
track name | i l earned from the best (gryffin remix)


heyyyyyo. glad to be back, sorry for the brief hiatus, had some technical difficulties but I’m back just in time for your friday. we here at ho:wo are probably the best out of everyone around at bringing you whitney houston remixes, a title we’d like to retain until the end of time. so without further ado, welcome me back with a press of the play button, and chase your drink with the tropical house magic of gryffin and the timless vocals of whitney.


artist | kan wakan
track name | like i need you


if adele, amy winehouse and the black keys got together for an orgy and a baby was conceived and named kan wakan, we would never know who the father was (i’m going with amy winehouse… rip.)  if you’re a fan of any of the above, this song is definitely worth your while.  it’s jazzy, soulful and smooth like butter.


artist | ingrid michaelson
track name | afterlife (jean blanc remix)


you and me we got this, you and me we’re beautiful, beautiful

digging this jean blanc remix. you probably recognize the voice of brooklynite ingrid michaelson from mini’s post back in may with her song “girls chase boys” from her latest album, lights out. her indie sound goes perfectly with the upbeat sounds jean blanc delivers. check out her whole album — won’t disappoint.


artist | sum 41
track name | in too deep (kasum remix)


ahahahaha yesssss. i know one person on our ho:wo team who will legitimately play this at every party he can, without fail, until he runs it into the ground…and it will be awesome. who doesn’t love a sing-a-long…mix that with some very dancy edm flair and you got yourself a certified jam. not to mention it’s always amazing to me when dj’s can take an alt-pop rock jam from the 90’s/00’s era and resurrect it, at least for a little while…

smashed again - 2f bootleg


artist | alesso
track name | tear the roof up


i was able to catch axwell^ingrosso at governors ball in nyc back in early june and during their set they dropped this track. back then it was just an id track but the whole crowd went absolutely nuts for it. now that the mastermind behind the track has finally been revealed, it should be no surprise it was alesso. this track will hands down be one of the biggest tracks of the year.


artist | lane 8 feat. bipolar sunshine
track name | i got what you need [every night]


this track has a killer groove. i expect nothing less from an anjunadeep :|: ministry of sound release. solid popped out vocals. summery vibe.


artist | leon else
track name | cheap hotel


mark my words, leon else will be big. i’m not making any comparisons, but he’s a smooth vocalist from london with some catchy hooks and experimental beats and melodies. he’s got an EP out that was just released a week ago. “river full of liquor” features only three songs really, but each one of them has something promising, check it out here.


hilarious sidenote - i don’t think this dude smiles, like at all, it’s awesome.

artist | phox
track name | slow motion


i love this song.  it’s got a banjo, a whistle hook and the range of lead singer monica martin’s voice is just phenomenal.  if you’re a fan of feist, you’ll love this one.


artist | viceroy
track name | the life (feat. penguin prison)


since dropping “friday night” with french horn rebellion, viceroy has been a bit quiet dropping a few remixes here and there but nothing major. thankfully yesterday, he ended that trend and debuted his new single, this time teaming up with penguin prisons to bring us “the life”. viceroy still drops that tropical/nu-disco vibe we have grown to love him for, but i feel the sound is this track is more complete and matured compared to his previous releases. and to top that it all off, penguin prison’s vocals was a perfect pairing for this track


artist | sam smith
track name | how will i know (whitney houston)


so this was released a couple weeks ago and my gf told me about it pretty much as soon as the video hit the internet. i had every intention of posting it and then the time just flew by and now this video has accumulated ~4 million views. it is without a doubt one of the better vocal performances you’ll hear this year. unbelievably, i think whitney herself would be okay with this cover…


artist | machineheart
track name | circles (vanic remix)


vanic is runnin’ circles around the remix world right now. while the original delivered an amazing, fun jumpy tune about making the most of bad situation to rise above it, the remix adds some edm oophm to really get you flying. so smile once in a while and put on this tune to get you out of a rough day


p.s. - due to a personal error of mine, i realize that you all unfortunately missed a day of awesome jamz cuz i didn’t get the post up. no worries, today we present you with the rare occasion of offering two posts in one day. don’t get used to it, but i hope both of these can make up for the lost post.

artist | golden coast
track name | break my fall (rainer + grimm remix)


since finding their sam smith remix, i have been a big fan of rainer + grimm, so when they released their remix of golden coast’s “break my fall” i was pumped. the original of this song is already a killer track, but i really dig the reworked beat and tempo rainer + grimm lay on this indie hit.