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artist | tender games
track name | lost


a side project by two berlin artists turned magic. tender games is a mellow, deep house funkxplosion between marlon hoffstadt and vocalist/producer hrrsn. the falsetto, the synths, the light percussion - it’s just sexy.


artist | bleachers
track name | wild heart


it’s been some time since i’ve given a track a proper write up, but here it goes:

you likely know bleachers from the raging success of their single i wanna get better, previously posted on ho:wo, which in fairness, is an awesome song, one i had on repeat for a good while. they just released their debut album, strange desire, and i’m no critic but wow is it good. jack antonoff, previously the lead guitarist of fun., started bleachers as side project, and i have a hunch they could grow into much more than that. I also had the pleasure of seeing them live at webster hall two weeks ago, and came away thoroughly astounded at their sound, showmanship, and talent.

if i had to pick their next single, wild heart is easily it. it’s got an anthemic 80’s vibe, some soaring vocals, some cute piano, and some drums that hit home. no soundcloud link unfortunately, and the volume on the youtube is low, but if you can crank up the noise just a little, this track is absolutely worth your time. keep a lookout for more from these guys, and if they’re in your area i highly recommend seeing them in the flesh.


artist | sam sure
track name | hunger


"hunger" is the latest release from london based artist sam sure, which comes out to buy next month. in "hunger" the downtempo beat mixed with sam’s vocals are a magical mix that will hook the listener in after only a few beats.

there is something about the beat though that i can swear i have heard somewhere else but I just cant place my finger on it.


artist | manotett
track name | felt like you [a.e.m. remix]


a little mgmt. a little passion pit. not as popped out.


artist | henry krinkle
track name | stay


henry krinkle is a la producer who has been working the scene hard for the past few years, remixing a variety of artists from every genre while also dropping some amazing original stuff. on his track “stay” which has been out on soundcloud for about two years, krinkle showcases his “lush haus” style, which in my opinion is a mix of progessive and trance. “stay” is now just getting the play it deserves with an official release along with a handful of remixes coming out next month


artist | mike mago
track name | outlines (feat. dragonette)


i wonder what you do, i’m looking at your perfect outlines, i wanna get with you and get beyond your perfect outlines

dutch producer mike mago teams up with dragonette for an awesome progressive jam titled “outlines”. mago starts things off a bit slower but as dragonette really hits her stride, the beat builds and even at points get a bit funky. this is one of those songs where you are quickly hitting the repeat button over and over.


artist  | truls
track name | the next [matoma remix]


don’t say we didn’t warn you. ho:wo’s been pushing this nordic, tropical / nu-disco champion for months. ever since i was spied grooving out on a plane to his remix of old thing backand then in a drop top in venice beach to free fallingand the AGAIN to his remix of james vincent mcmorrow’s cover of higher love, i haven’t been able to escape the sweet sounds of matoma. just when you thought the melodies were starting to sound the same, here he comes with a new remix of a track by a fellow norwegian, truls (who has a pretty fun sound as well - think passion pit or fun.). strip the sax, but keep the vibes. this one will be around for a while.


artist | ilan bluestone & jerome isma- ae
track name | tension


its been a bit since i posted any trance but i could not think of a better way to break out of that dry spell than with this absolute masterpiece by ilan bluestone and jerome isma-ae. in “tension” these two powerhouses of the trance world create a killer track that is so good, the lack of vocals does not even bother me.


artist | bob marley
track name | could you be loved (rac remix)


it looks like andre, the genius behind rac, got his hands on the rights to a bob marley song and the results are nothing short of awesome perfection (as if we’d expect anything less from him!)

andre, you’re my hero.  xx


artist | duke dumont
track name | wont look back


the duke does it again, this time with his track “won’t look back”. there is seriously not a single track this guy puts out that i do not fall in love with. his build ups are perfect the the bpm never gets too high keeping things at just the right tempo.


artist | milky chance
track name | flashed junk mind


milky chance has been making waves over in europe, much the way that disclosure has in the usa - constant repeat everywhere you go.  and it’s not hard to understand why, their most known songs stolen dance and fairytale are catchy little numbers with a good dancing tempo.  however, i’m really digging the mellow and laid back mood of this little gem that still has the awesome hook, but more for mellow gyrating in your chair (or drunken sways at the end of an evening out.)  


artist | steve aoki & wake flocka flame
track name | rage the night away


i know this song isnt going to be for everyone, but there is no denying that its a banger. aoki and waka flocka flame are a deadly combo and “rage the night away” is just another example of what these two can do together. the mix of aoki’s high energy beats mixed with the flow of waka is just a killer tag team that will absolutley get the party up.


artist | travi$ scott
track name | drive [the 1975 remix]


you probably haven’t heard anything too much like this recently. for a track that blends so much cut and chop, it’s a really smooth mix. travi’s flow is fresh, but it’s the 1975 (a ho:wo favo) who catch us way off guard in this one. check out the verse at 2mins - watch out weezy/yeezy/jeezy.


artist | cold war kids
track name | first


i am not the lucky one, i do not deserve, way you went forever when doing that first

i can’t get enough of these guys. been following them for a long time now and it seems like every single they put out, in my mind, should be top of the charts. this track could not be more deserving. tell me you don’t wanna turn the volume up and yell those lyrics…

and those drums, yup


artist | vario volinski
track name | i will do anything


i stumbled across this track randomly and i could not be happier that i hit play. swiss producer vario volinski creates a killer deep house beat while sampling the vocals from debelah morgan’s “i love you”. His rework on the vocals is out of this world as the original are weak at best. as long as summer is going to keep hanging around, you might as well throw this one on and enjoy.